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About Our Elastic Manufacturing Industry in Montreal, QC

At Varitrim Textiles is a leading textile and elastic manufacturing industry in Montreal, QC, with a quarter of a century of experience in delivering products that are unsurpassed in quality and performance. To be sure, it isn't the words that sustain business relationships; it's the results that count.

Having become the choice for knitted and woven elastics for apparel and industrial applications, our textile company maintains a competitive edge by adjusting and adapting to the ever-changing business landscape.

Using the latest in technology-planning systems and manufacturing equipment allows us to continually deliver high-quality products at affordable prices in a timely fashion. We invite you to let us be your reliable choice for quality elastics.
Mission Statement
We shall continue to progress through our R&D initiatives, plant innovations, and unwavering commitment to stand apart from our competition.
Our continued responsiveness to market conditions, combined with our passion to be the best, has not only forged our mission, it also serves to demonstrate who we are as a company.

We are a team of motivated individuals, driven by our united strength, and generated from our individual commitments to our clients, our industry, and
our employees.

Vision Statement
Varitrim Textiles is committed to being a major international producer of woven and knitted elastics. Our textile company shall endeavor to explore methods that foster better quality products at reduced prices for every one of our customers.

To expand the possibilities by obtaining the latest technologies in the market in order to maintain our leadership position in the elastic manufacturing industry in the global marketplace.

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