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Apparel and Knitted Elastics in Montreal, QC

Varitrim Textiles is a leading provider of apparel, industrial, and knitted elastics in Montreal, QC. We can manufacture some high-quality products.

Our textile company line of goods includes:


Knitted Elastics Woven Elastics Scallop Elastics Twill Tapes Reflective Tapes Suspender Elastics Jacquard
Nomex Suspender Narrow Fabrics Shoelaces Nomex Drawcords Webbings Bungee Cords Pre-Shrunk Elastic


The Varitrim Advantages
Custom Design:
Varitrim Textiles
has the technology and expertise to provide you with custom designs to meet your specifications. Our designers take great pride in their ability to meet design challenges at our textile company.

Textiles and industrial elastics in Montreal, QC.

Varitrim elastic is produced in a wide variety of tensile strengths to meet customer needs.

The high-quality standards of elastics we manufacture at our perform well under any extremes. Our elastic receives a passing grade when it comes to laundering and residual shrinkage.

Packaging Options:
Options are available when selecting the type of packaging you need. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities are equipped to provide you with festooning, spooled, or on-rolls packaging.

Having facilities in North America and contacts in Central America, our textile company remains dedicated to delivering the highest quality products on schedule.

Quality Control:
Our quality control management system is committed to meet or exceed your expectations. Working with a team of designers and production managers, we are continuously improving the quality of our products.

Contact us in Montreal, QC, to learn more about the apparel, industrial and knitted elastic products our textile company offers.