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Yarn, Textile Company in Montreal, QC

Varitrim Textiles is proud to be a leading elastic manufacturer in the global marketplace. After more than 25 years of creating trimmings and narrow fabrics for the garment and shoe industry, we’ve learned how to fulfill our customers’ needs promptly and effectively.

Our textile company in Montreal, QC, is dedicated to meeting the expectations of our customers because quality is a major part of our culture. Our decades of experience, customer service, and pricing are factors that have allowed us to transform our small family manufacturing facility into a global competitor. From elastics to apparel fabric, we offer a range of quality products to meet your needs.

Our business constantly improves our offerings by incorporating our sophisticated quality control management systems to meet your needs. To achieve our goals, we focus on the following:

• Effectively Implementing Technology-Planning Systems
• Increasing Quality by Developing Reliable Raw Material Vendors
• Strictly Adhering to Project Completion Schedules

Apparel & Industrial Elastics

Thanks to our keen business understanding and the ability to respond quickly to fashion trends, our company remains proactive in our product offerings. These include:

Knitted Elastics Woven Elastics Industrial Elastics Scallop Elastics Twill Tapes Reflective Tapes Suspender Elastics
Jacquard Nomex Suspende Narrow Fabrics Shoelaces Nomex Drawcords Webbings Bungee Cords
Pre-Shrunk Elastic


Contact us today for all of your fabric and elastic needs. We are proud to serve our customers in Montreal, QC.

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